Thursday, 12 April 2012

Talking Clocks – Innovative Designs

Whilst talking clocks were initially a slightly cool gimmick for clocks, it stands to reason that they have found a natural place in the homes of the visually impaired. Talking clocks help thousands each year with telling the time in their homes.
Talking clocks are available in a number of different forms and you will be able to find a solution for your own needs around the home. Talking clocks have grown in popularity massively over the last few years. Talking clocks aren’t a particularly new creation but it’s not until recently that they really started to find their niche – in helping the visually impaired. It makes perfect sense for those with poor vision or who are blind to have a talking clock in their homes because it makes the whole process of finding out the time much less laborious. Talking clocks are extremely affordable and stylish and will help to lighten the load for those who are visually impaired. There are obviously so many reasons for needing to know the time when in one’s home and talking clocks mean this is now possible for those with sight problems for whom normal clocks aren’t applicable.
Talking Clocks – The Technological Approach
Most talking clocks are fuelled by speech synthesis integrated circuits which allow the timepieces to announce the time at the touch of a button or at designated points throughout the day. This clearly has many tangible benefits for the blind and the visually impaired and talking clocks are well renowned for making the lives of such individuals easier. Of course, talking clocks are, in essence, a fairly simple piece of technology but the difference they are capable of making is huge and they are relatively inexpensive as well so there really is no reason not to consider a talking clock in the home.
Talking Clocks – Atomic Timing
Atomic talking clocks are really beginning to take the market by storm as they never need setting or adjusting and will consistently give accurate announcements of the time. This makes them the perfect talking clocks for the visually impaired or blind as it doesn’t entail any unnecessary fidgeting with knobs and buttons to set the clock to the time that you require. Talking clocks are all about making life simpler for the user and this is something which can certainly be applied to atomic talking clocks. Bespoke Software Development UK is at the heart of developments such as talking watches and this behind the scenes work gives us the fantastic products available today.

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