Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hardwood TV Cabinets and Bookcases - Better than MDF Furniture!

If you're looking for new furniture such as TV cabinets and bookcases, 100% solid hardwood is better value for money than flat-pack furniture, in the long run.

When it comes to decorating the home, many people cut corners with cheap, flat-pack furniture.  When buying to let, or kitting out a student residence, those little flat-pack miracles can definitely be a wise purchase.  But when your, tables, chairs, TV cabinets and bookcases collapse before your eyes, you'll be wishing that you invested in 100% solid hardwood furniture. 

100% solid hardwood furniture is undoubtedly sturdier, safer and looks much better than the MDF or chipboard used in some flat-pack and catalogue furniture.  Hardwood tables, shelving, TV cabinets, bookcases and wardrobes can transform your home and give it a much more refined look.  There are so many cheaper options out there, but the reality of it is, like with most things in life, the more you pay for something, the better it will perform, look and feel.  This applies just as much to TV cabinets, bookcases and furniture. 

Good quality furniture will not use veneers, chipboard or MDFs in their furniture.  Even though 100% hardwood furniture is more expensive than flat-pack and catalogue furniture, over time, buying cheap substitutes for real, solid furniture will leave you out of pocket when your TV cabinets and bookcases just can't take the weight any more! 

Solid hardwood is exactly what it sounds like – wood that is hard, solid and sturdy. Solid oak furniture such as wardrobes, bookcases, coffee tables, beds, chairs and TV cabinets are hand-made with loving craftsmanship and care.  They are designed to hold heavy objects for a prolonged amount of time and you will find that you can rely on solid oak furniture for years to come. 

TV Cabinets and Bookcases Made with Love

Solid oak bookcases, TV cabinets and other furniture pieces are hand-made with details that just can not be found on cheap furniture made from MDF or chipboard.  Hardwood furniture looks bespoke because it is bespoke and most hardwood bookcases, TV cabinets, coffee tables and side tables will remain stylishly classic over time. 

Solid oak furniture is timeless and can instantly transform the look of your home.  So get solid oak tables, TV cabinets and bookcases for complete reliability and sheer opulence.  

Get Solid Oak Bookcases, TV Cabinets and More...

Oak Furniture Land sell only 100% hardwood furniture and do not use veneers, chipboard or cheap MDF materials in any of their bookcases, TV cabinets, tables or chairs.  All the furniture found at Oak Furniture Land are beautifully handmade and kiln dried using local techniques applicable to the country of origin. 


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